Why Gift ?

Here are some of the factors that make you choose Gift Real Estate, among other Real estates, as the developer of the property you have been dreaming to own.

  1. Location

Who can ask for a better location than the CMC area to reside? Gift's two sites that are located at the CMC area can undoubtedly put Gift on top of Prospects' list of real estates. 

  1. Product quality and performance on site

Unquestionably, quality assurance takes precedence over other matters as Customers give a very special attention to this particular issue. It is Gift’s primary target to deliver a well-constructed house in every aspect. And since we believe in our workmanship, method of construction and the quality of  construction materials we use, our sites are 24 hours open for visitors - no restriction whatsoever!

  1. Site accessibility

In  our CMC sites, there are access roads that run from the main road to the sites. Moreover, the renovation work that is being carried out on the main road has added luster to the surrounding – not to mention the role it will play in reducing the traffic flow. Further, there are no worries with regards to transportation as all forms of transportation are available on the road.

  1. Delivery period

We only require a year and half from the date of commencement to deliver your villa  and Two years for Apartment.

  1. Reputation

Even though Gift Real Estate is a new comer to the real estate developing business, its reputation in the manufacturing, and trading sectors is not something that one would want to overlook. Since joining the real estate sector, the company is exerting its utmost effort to repeat the success it has achieved in the manufacturing and trading sectors.

  1. Provisions in the contract

The Company has tried to make its contract document as impartial and transparent as possible so that a win-win situation is created in the transaction process and no one loses at the end of the day.

  1. Contractual document

Gift's contractual document has been made to be complete in every sense of the word. It comprises of a contract agreement, a complete set of architectural design of the property in question, site plan showing the selected plot, specification of the property, summary of the price of the property, price indices of a few construction materials considered in price adjustment, and a list of common facilities incorporated in the site.

  1. Availability of extra facilities

The availability of green areas, children play ground, a supermarket, a common parking space, and finally yet importantly, a falling cascade, make the site too irresistible to turn you back on.

  1. Scenery

Located in the elevated ground of Yeka sub-city, the skyline scenery you get on the sites is simply breath taking!

  1. Soil type

Our largest site, namely phase II, is enriched with a special type of soil which is conducive for construction of houses. As the soil is partially rocky, it provides a firm bed to houses constructed on it.

  1. Accommodation of modification requests

We leave our doors open when Customers come up with a modification request that they deem will make the house they are going to purchase or have already purchased more functional – fulfilling better their desires. 

   12.  Design options

Gift offers a total of twelve design options in its two sites ranging from the relatively small town houses to the five bedroom luxurious villas.

   13.  Flexibility

We are less rigid and more flexible as we think business can go smoothly this way.

   14.  Readiness to entertain complaints

We would be lying if we say everything always goes off without a hitch both at the head office, where contract and administration works are done, and on site, where construction activities are executed. So, whenever complaints from Customers regarding the property they have purchased come to our attention, we automatically device means of rectification and take a rectification measure as well.

   15.  Provision of optional items for finishing works

To allow Customers put their marks on finishing works of their respective houses, Gift provides a list of optional finishing materials from which prospects can consider using other materials other than the standard ones.

The following particulars make GIFT REAL ESTATE prominent real estate company:

  • Provision of diverse typology of houses (villas, townhouses, apartments)
  • State -of-the -art architecture
  • Close supervision of house for the quality  of the construction
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Accessible location to major public services
  • Interior design of the houses tailored to the requirements of customers

Benefit Package

  1. Individual Purchase
  • 100% Payment upon Signing a Contract entitles to a 6% Discount.
  • 50% Payment upon Signing a Contract entitles to a 2% Discount.
  1. Group Purchases
  • Those Who Come And Purchase in a Group of Five Get a 1% Discount.
  • Those Who Come And Purchase In a Group of Ten Get a 1.5% Discount.
  • Those Who Come And Purchase in a Group of Fifteen Get a 2% Discount.


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