We have a suitable area to build houses, on CMC road; our site is enclosed in a secured compound which is secured with roads built on every turn and with recreational areas. It is also important to know our sites are out of INDUSTRY-ZONE. Our 13 years of experience in the industry speaks for its self and we have managed to build two sites successfully. We have also managed to build over 500 homes. GIFT Real Estate is founded on the idea to build homes for the middle class with a reasonable price and minimize the housing problem in our country. Our company is also known to make social contribution; our contribution to RED CROSS and to the HIDASSIE DAM to name some. Go to our About Us page and our social contribution pages for more information.

We have an affordable payment scheme starting with 25% and we have a discount ranging from 3% to 6% for customers who are willing to pay 50% to 100%. We have arranged a payment scheme for clients outside Ethiopia. We are also flexible in our design and our design team works side by side with clients to arrive at a suitable design that is customized to a clients need. Go to our products page to view available houses and view our image gallery and video gallery to see houses we have already built.

 Our contractual agreement states a responsibility and a commitment on our side in delivering your home and what shall be done in case some unforeseeable things should happen like price inflation of construction. We look forward to be working with you to deliver a house you can call your home and like our motto reads “IT TAKES HANDS TO BUILD A HOUSE BUT IT TAKES HEARTS TO BUILD A HOME”, contact us for more info…  

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